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Rahul Vaidya’s girlfriend Disha Parmar has a funny response when someone says she should demand money from the channel since her name crops up so many times on the show

Rahul Vaidya’s girlfriend Disha Parmar is additionally one among the non-present contestants of Bigg Boss fourteen in conjunction with Rakhi Sawant’s husband. Well, the lady’s name is taken persistently throughout the course of the show. Yesterday, Nikki Tamboli was talking regarding Disha Parmar. The girl same that she will alright take Disha’s name on the show as Vikas Gupta had mentioned her. throughout the conference, a newsman same that Vikas Gupta is conveyance outside topics within the house. He same that Disha Parmar sent a message for Rahul Vaidya that she completely hates Nikki Tamboli. this can be what light-emitting diode to associate argument between Rahul and Nikki.

This is not all. Even Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla are caught discussing Disha Parmar some times. Now, an acquaintance told Disha Parmar that she ought to raise colours to present her payment given what proportion her name is taken on the show. Yesterday, Nikki angrily told Rahul Vaidya to respect his girlfriend and not consult with her.

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar were apparently chemical analysis for a handful of years currently. However, they unbroken it a secret. The singer created news once he planned to her on national TV. This created Disha Parmar one in every of the foremost searched celebs on social media. It looks they’re gazing a monsoon wedding. His mom, Geeta Vaidya told BollywoodLife, “My husband and that i square measure keen to examine him settled down.

 In fact, it slow back I additionally showed him photos and details of some women from marital status channels. He failed to show any interest, and aforementioned he’s not keen to marry. He is aware of Disha for a minute currently. perhaps being within the house gave him the time to replicate and perceive his feelings. we tend to square measure delighted.”

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