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RM or Kim Nam-Joon taught himself English over the years

Kim Nam-Joon aka RM includes a legion of followers everywhere the globe. he’s the frontman and lead rapper of the superhit K-Pop cluster, BTS. it’s seen that he will the most talking once the cluster is move abroad. this can be as a result of he’s additional fluent within the language than different BTS members. And you’ll be stunned to understand however he down pat English people language. He didn’t take a English speaking course or rent a personal tutor.

Kim Nam-Joon or RM learnt English via the broadcast, FRIENDS. once he was visited by Ellen DeGeneres on her show, he aforementioned he learnt English from the show, FRIENDS. It looks his mother got him 10 DVDs of the complete show. RM initial watched it in Korean with English subtitles. Later, he watched it in English with Korean subtitles. Finally, he watched it fully English.

RM aforementioned that Chandler was his favourite from FRIENDS. he’s conjointly a friend of Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) romance. it’s common for folks to be told English from songs and films. In Korea, English isn’t schooled as maternal language like in Indian colleges. however RM is understood to be a bright student with above-average IQ.

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