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Justin Bieber earlier congratulated and praised BTS for creating history with their single Dynamite

Popular band is presently dominating the planet with their mind-blowing tracks. whereas we tend to square measure witnessing an enormous rise within the followers of the band, the band members are vocal regarding their love for Justin Beiber and have continuously aforementioned that he’s an idea behind them. whereas the conversations between Justin Bieber and BTS have continuously been the utter the city, 

we’ve got got a new attention-grabbing interaction because the band recently created associate degree look on Tokopedia WIB television program and within the show, we tend to saw V crooning Justin Bieber and probability The Rapper’s Holy track. whereas he sung the song for simply 3 seconds, it absolutely was enough for America and band members to gaga over it. In fact, we tend to saw members requesting the complete version of it from V.

Justin Bieber earlier congratulated and praised BTS for making history with their single Dynamite as he aforementioned, “If anyone is aware of a way to create history, it’s BTS.

The K-Pop cluster has been shattering records across the worldwide music trade. traditionally, non-English songs have had a tough time obtaining radio play, and as a result seldom do they see the highest of the signboard charts.”


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