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Vikrant Rona to become the world’s first movie to reveal its title logo and sneak-peek on Burj Khalifa

Over a hundred years of Indian industry their square measure some stars WHO push the envelope with each film they carry to the audience. Kichcha Sudeepa, Baadshah Kichcha Sudeepa, is one among those superstars. now he outdoes himself in his film Vikrant Rona. Vikrant Rona was the primary massive budget film to travel on floors throughout the pandemic. He had aforesaid ‘somebody had to try to to it as there are jobs at stake and that I took it upon myself’ This daring step by Sudeep has currently resulted within the film’s title brand and a hundred and eighty admirer sneak peek into the globe of Vikrant Rona being exhibited on the tallest building within the world – Burj Khalifa.

It is solely fitting that metropolis has advanced to be a vicinity of the celebrations. metropolis can celebrate the twenty-five years of Kichcha Sudeep as he completes twenty-five years within the screenland on January thirty-first

Director Anup Bhandari says, “As filmmakers, you mostly want to figure with the simplest, and with Sudeep sir on sets, the sort of aura he brings to sets could be a totally different feel altogether. His presence has created the canvas of Vikrant Rona larger, and grander. To launch the title brand of Vikrant Rona on Burj Khalifa feels nice, however, to truly be an area of Sudeep sirs twenty five years of journey, and to be able to showcase it on Burj Khalifa is that the moment that Pine Tree State and also the team square measure trying forward to.”

Producer Jack Manjunath says, “To be ready to bring a film of this scale to life in these powerful times is AN journey in itself. Thankfully, we’ve Sudeep sir within the project and it mechanically makes the project one amongst the most important within the country. in a very career spanning over twenty-five years, most stars would confine themselves to tailor-created roles, however not Sudeep sir. His energy to push the boundaries every time is infectious and taking Vikrant Rona to the planet with him within the project becomes easy.”

Baadshah Kichcha Sudeepa says, “Only with an honest team comes to an honest intention and solely a team with one intention will travel along. It’s fulfilling to witness however this team has worked towards achieving what was envisioned. Cheers to any or all for this accomplishment. Celebrating my 25yrs in films comes as one more happiness together with VikrantRona title brand launch and a sneak peek happening on Burj Khalifa. Congratulations to the whole team another time for this large moment.”

Directed Anup Bhandari, created by Jack Manjunath and Shalini Manjunath, co-produced by Alankar Pandian and with music by B Ajaneesh Loknath, Vikrant Rona stars Kichcha Sudeepa, and also the film is going to be emotional in 5 languages together with Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and .

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