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Akshay Kumar walked 21 kilometers on the treadmill to feel the pain of women who walk 21 km and more every day to get safe drinking water.

As a district of the Network18 initiative Mission Paani Waterthon, actor Akshay Kumar walked twenty-one kilometers on a treadmill to know the pain of girls United Nations agency walk miles to urge safe beverage. So, once the page of Mission Paani uploaded the image of the Mission Mangal actor, netizens were fast to react and that they were something however affected.

Roasting Kumar for his stunt, several netizens aforementioned that one cannot feel or perceive the plight of girls United Nations agency walk beneath hot heat on uneven roads whereas walking on a treadmill in Associate in Nursing cool space.

A netizen wrote, “Put aside the treadmill, initiate of the ac area. Walk for hours barefoot on uneven roads & desert areas with quite one water instrumentation, solely then u can perceive @akshaykumar.” Another netizen wrote, “@akshaykumar foreign terrorist organization why this drama? you cannot imagine the pain of these ladies World Health Organization walks such a lot of kilometers in distress simply to urge some bucket of water, just by walking on a treadmill.🙄 head to such places in person, facilitate those women/families to urge an answer on the ground with facilitate of govt.”

“AC mein, sports shoes pehen ke, khaali haath treadmill par chal ke @akshaykumar is attempting to sympathise with barefooted girls United Nations agency walk on broken rural parcel of land with pots of water on their head in forty degrees astronomer,” wrote another netizen whereas slamming Kumar. “I will try this too on a treadmill. simply to know what @akshaykumar went through doing that. it is a sham to mention that he did it to know what these girls undergo taking water. it is a bloody joke on them by Akshay KUMAR,” wrote another user, thwarted with Akshay’s treadmill stunt. Akshay might need a noble intention to lift awareness concerning the water inadequacy in several components of the Republic of India, however, his action did not add his favor and left the actor in a very plight.

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